Email Marketing

Let US be the creeps at telling them via Email – Email marketing is the New Coffee meeting!

Everybody has a laptop, tablet or smart phone. And we take advantage of this fact, so that you don’t have to. Knowing full well that – “Technology is the campfire around which you can tell your great stories!”

The ease of access to emails due to these various platforms makes email marketing a very powerful tool. Email newsletters are also effective strategies to create bonds and build trust with your consumers. DAA makes it easy to spread the word about your product or service with our expertly crafted emails that resonate with your customers.

Our contact management features are designed to grow your contact list. This way, you can accelerate your business development. Your account will be fully equipped with robust image libraries and file hosting capabilities created to drive your brand to full growth.

What does that look like for you?

  • We will narrow down the main objectives of the campaign and create working-result indicators
  • Then we will run back and forth your database bringing down cobwebs and putting a new coat of paint. So knowing what you need is key and having expired info only adds to the stress; that’s what we clean and get your database ready for more.
  • We then indulge our creative team of writers to craft the perfect email copy for the campaign.
  • Our SEO team jumps right after to get the campaign fully optimised.
  • We then ensure your target audience opts in.
  • Once they do, we get their information collected and organised.
  • Then we can get the campaign out; we thrust it with power at this stage.
  • We then sit and wait to hear what your audience have to say.
  • Then you can sell.

Our professional social media marketing Melbourne, social media marketing Australia and our social media management Australia experts are good at this. Your subscribers and consumers will definitely receive and understand your message – because it sure counts!