No one likes paying for hearsay. That’s why we teach you to make them Pay per click for your great stories!

Pay per click ensures you are not buying air in a bottle but getting real value for your money in terms of exposure.

At DAA we understand that the competition for online visibility is intense and fierce. That is why we combine our search engine optimization and Search engine marketing Australia efforts with pay per click services to garner more results. Results related to your brand’s command online.

Our pay per click service will drive real results for your brands by concentrating our focus on creating visibility for your marketing efforts. It doesn’t stop there. We reach your target audience fast through keyword analysis and demographic studies. Then we watch as they buy more and more. And you can count your money!

So how do we get a master-plan PPC campaign running to the end?

Our 7-steps to a Perfect Pay per Click Campaign

  • We identify your products and services that need selling through this marketing strategy. We will look at the price, how competitive the goods are in the online market, and your customer service and delivery systems.
  • Then we will scurry the internet for a perfect combination of keywords to go with. Our keyword researcher breaks any barriers to ensure we get all the information you need to get this strategy working.
  • We then get building your PPC campaign; brick after brick.
  • Next we will help you create the right landing pages and get them optimised.
  • With PPC, we have leg room to try out various ad variations. We get this set up for you so you don’t need to worry whether to go with a text ad or a newsfeed ad.
  • We monitor the campaign through reports and analytics to know what is working or not.
  • It doesn’t stop there – we make it better. By refining your campaign, you stand a chance of making more sales with forthcoming campaigns.

Naturally, we will put you at the driving seat of your own marketing effort. But we walk you through every step ensuring it is you who takes the credit – not us. Because if your presence is not felt online, then your competition’s definitely is!

With us, you have to be felt – they just can’t help it!

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